We’re right behind you! P-p-p-porpoises try to make friends with rather unimpressed penguin

By Marcus Barnes

You'd think he would've p-p-p-picked up on the signals, but this gormless penguin remained completely oblivious as a group of friendly poproises tried in vain to get his attention.

The black and white bird was in an enclosure at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, near San Francisco, when four porpoises flocked around the glass of their tank.

But as they all focused their attentions on the little fellow he continued to waddle around completely unaware that they were behind him.

They're behind you! The penguin toddles around completely unaware that there's a group of porpoises behind him trying to be his friend

Acknowledge me! A porpoise lingers behind the penguin to no avail

The scene was the cause of much amusement, replicating the kind of incident one might see in a pantomime which leads the audience to shout 'He's behind you!'.

On the same day, another very similar scene occured when a tiger from the wildlife park also entered the enclosure next to the porpoise tank.

This time around the tiger responded to the attention from the porpoises and they appeared to acknowledge each other through the glass, something that would never happen in the real world thanks to stark differences in the animals' habitats.

How's it going in there? A tiger attempts to shake hands with one of his new aquatic friends


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