We get a better class of bird in our garden! Pheasants dwarf common garden birds as they help themselves to feeder nuts

Smaller creatures 'scared off' by pheasants invading farmer's garden

By Kerry Mcqueeney

Muscling in: The size of the pheasant is put into perspective by the small brave bird pecking at the feeder above his much-larger rival

There's not much danger of these pheasants going hungry this winter - not if they continue with this tactic at meal times.

Game birds have muscled in on this residential territory and have been feasting on feed meant for much smaller creatures.

Other common garden birds and squirrels have been scared off from attempting to feed in this garden while the invaders help themselves to nuts and seeds.

Farmer James Edgar was stunned when he found this huge pheasant feasting on his garden bird feeder (pictured above).

However, he grabbed his camera to capture the bizarre scene at his home in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

The pheasant is one of seven game birds that scare off smaller birds - and even squirrels - to peck at the seeds and nuts.

The pheasants used to be satisfied with a specially-designed feeder in nearby woods, but that was recently stolen.

Now the gang enters Mr Edgar’s garden and, using a specially-honed tactic, one of the pheasants jumps up to the feeder and knocks the food to the ground for the others.

The large birds are bred locally for a nearby shoot, but this particular seven have so far avoided the hot lead and go for breakfast each morning at Mr Edgar’s home.

He and his wife Sarah were shocked when they first sat down for breakfast and saw the new arrivals.

While the small garden birds hang around and wait for the pheasants to finish, the squirrels are seen to disappear.

Scaring off the competition: One pheasant nibbles at nuts and seeds meant for smaller creatures while, it would appear, his companion patrols the surrounding area

Mr Edgar, 54, said: 'There are lots of pheasants around here. They used to be quite satisfied with a special pheasant feeder we had in nearby woods.

'But that was stolen and this gang of seven hens and a cock has taken to coming into our garden every morning.

'One of them is bolder than the rest and she jumps up and starts pecking at the seeds.

'They like the black sunflower seeds best and she goes for those and the others eat what she knocks to the ground.

'They even scare off the squirrels who like to eat from the feeders. The other birds just wait around and even feed from different feeders at the same time.

'When we first saw them it was a shock. We just looked up and there was a pheasant on the feeder.'


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