Advert that could drive your dog barking mad: Commercial that 'talks' to your pet to go on air tomorrow

-Advert contains high frequency noises which can only be heard by man's best friend
-Whistling, barking and bell ringing in one minute clip also attracts canines

By David Baker

With so many brands of dog food on the supermarket shelves it can often be difficult to know which one to buy for your beloved pet.

But the difficult choice may not rest solely on the shoulders of dog owners anymore.

That's because one dog food company is bidding to attract man's best friend to its product and not man, with the UK's first ever advert made especially for dogs.

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Barking mad: Dogs are drawn to the high pitch sounds in the UK's first ever advert made especially for dogs

The barking-mad one-minute clip hopes to get the tails wagging, when it airs for the first time tomorrow, with high frequency noises above 17,000 Hertz - which can only be heard by dogs.

Although the sound is likely to go completely unnoticed by humans, it's already proved a hit with canines.

The creators, Bakers, tested their ad by playing it to 12 dogs that were distracted with a toy.

If the clip made the animals' stop playing and react in some way, it was deemed a success.

Sound effects: The unique advert made by Baker's carries the message 'This advert contains special sound effects for your pet' at the bottom its new one minute clip

Their findings showed every dog displayed interest without fail and even had some of the subjects approaching the television screen to investigate.

Zara Boland, an animal expert from Bakers, said 'High pitch frequencies cannot be heard by the vast majority of humans.

'But they appeal to dogs as their hearing is twice as sharp.

'Our experts have created an advert interspersed with high frequency noises that only canines should hear.'

Italian job: The new advert is a parody of the classic Michael Caine hit The Italian Job and shows these three canines desperately trying to save their food from dropping off a steep cliff

The advert, a canine take on iconic film The Italian Job, is also cleverly interwoven with sounds - including whistling, barking, and a bell ringing.

Previous research has suggested response to these noises depends on whether the dog has experienced it before.

Those who have heard whistling before, for example, may have the strongest reaction.

Tails are set to wag: During tests of the new advert researchers found that 100 per cent of dogs reacted to the high pitched noises in the clip

The advert is due to be screened on television for the first time tomorrow night on ITV1 at 7.15pm.

Mark Zaki, brand manager for Bakers, added: 'We are always looking for new ways to deliver an engaging experience for our consumers.

'With these special sounds we hope this delivers enjoyment for both dogs and their owners.'


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